Face masks are one of the elements of daily skin care. Their regular use is important if you want to nourish, cleanse or firm your skin. They owe their effectiveness to a wealth of nutrients. There are many types of masks designed for different skin types.

Therefore, in order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to find out which care is best applied. Young skin will need another mask, and mature skin will need another, similarly for oily, combination or dry skin. What kind of cosmetic face mask to choose then?

Which type of cosmetic face mask to choose?

Caring for beauty has become such an important aspect of life that many different facial cosmetics have been developed. The most popular and effective are care masks. They differ from each other in many ways, such as composition, texture or purpose. Therefore, there are many possibilities of dividing them.

Depending on the degree of drying, they stand out:

  • Soft masks that do not dry out and can even be removed with water. They allow heat, moisture and air to pass through, and their substances prepare the skin well for subsequent care treatments.
  • Hard masks that freeze, immobilizing facial muscles. They loosen the stratum corneum and widen the pores, so that active substances are absorbed faster. The remaining hard layer requires not only washing away, but also removing or tearing it off the face.

Due to its consistency, it is extracted:

Emulsion masks, which look like a face cream, but have a higher content of active substances.

  • Gel masks are easy to apply and are best suited for seborrheic skin.
  • Foam and ionic masks, which are very delicate. They are best suited for sensitive skin, as the ion elements penetrate the cells efficiently without causing irritation.

Due to the effect of care masks (which is the main reason for choosing a mask) there are: cleansing masks, moisturizing and nourishing masks, smoothing and firming masks, toning and calming masks.

Cleansing masks

These types of masks have a light consistency and are therefore very delicate. Their cleansing effect is to remove excess sebum and dirt accumulated on the skin and above all to eliminate keratinized epidermis. Thanks to this, the tendency to form blackheads is reduced and the skin radiates brightness.

Their composition includes among others: kaolin, bentonite, zinc oxide or herbal extracts. It is important that they also contain alpha-hydroxy acids, the so-called fruit acids, which dissolve connections between dead cells. Such care products are often recommended for oily and combination skin.

Moisturizing and nourishing masks

Masks with moisturizing or nourishing effect are designed for all skin types. However, they are most often used for mature skin. Due to the progressive aging process and sometimes even hormonal changes (e.g. menopause), they require additional care.

In this case, a more concentrated form of care than cream is ideal. Such masks deeply nourish the skin thanks to the presence of strong active substances such as hyaluronic acid, cereal seed oil and vitamins and minerals. A very good type of nourishing and moisturizing mask will be those based on algae.

Smoothing and firming masks

Firming and smoothing (lifting) masks are recommended for very mature skin. Their form is most often alginates, creams and slurries. The main consumer of care products from this category are women over 40 years old. At that time it is expected that wrinkles will be shallow and smooth, and at the same time facial oval and skin elasticity will be improved.

How to apply a skin care mask?

Before applying the mask to the face, the skin should be properly prepared for it. This will maximise the skincare effect. It is best to apply the mask in the evening when the skin is tired and more susceptible to absorption of active substances found in the cosmetic preparation. First, cleanse your skin thoroughly. If you have previously applied makeup to your skin, wash it off and then regulate the pH by applying tonic. You can also improve blood circulation by massaging with a peeling.

Applying the mask during a hot bath will be additionally beneficial as the higher temperature will open the pores so that the ingredients can easily penetrate the deeper layers of skin. Such complex care treatments should be applied regularly. This will surely allow you to see an improvement in your skin’s condition faster and more clearly. Then you will be able to enjoy a more beautiful appearance of your skin every day.