If you dream of a healthy and beautiful-looking face, it is essential that you keep it properly hydrated! It is thanks to proper care that you will be able to enjoy flawless complexion and a young look. So read about how to moisturise your face properly.

Moisturising your skin from within

One of the ways to moisturize the face skin is to take care of the body’s proper water management. To do this, you should absorb about 2 litres of fluid per day. This is not only about water in the traditional sense, but also about rich in it fruits and vegetables. You will find most of it in watermelons, strawberries and citrus, as well as tomatoes and beets. These are the so-called mineral-vitamin bombs, which largely consist of water.

You can also eat natural juices, herbal teas and soups to prevent dehydration. Avoid sweetened drinks and spirits. Remember not to exaggerate the amount of liquids you take, as this can cause the micro and macroelements to rinse out of your body.

What is skin moisturising?

Moisturizing the face skin, contrary to appearances, is not only about systematically hydrating the body. It is based primarily on limiting the evaporation of water, which is supplied from deep inside the body. This difficult to achieve effect can be achieved in several ways. One of them is to create a barrier on the surface of the skin, which will reduce its permeability and at the same time inhibit the evaporation process. A good solution in this case are creams that bind water in the skin.

Ways to moisturize the face skin

There are many ways to fight dry facial skin. The most popular are, often used in the autumn-winter period, masks made of natural ingredients. Among them is that of linseed. It is unique in that it provides the skin with vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids, which smooth and nourish the face and improve its hydration. A great choice is also a banana mask providing the skin with group B vitamins and magnesium, potassium and calcium. This fruit, rich in nutrients, softens the skin and gives it elasticity.

Moisturizing oily skin

Oily skin holders often struggle with excessive seborrhea. Therefore, they should not use cosmetics that only have moisturizing properties. All because the use of such preparations is not enough to regulate sebum production. Instead, creams with additional antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which at the same time irritate the hair follicles’ outlets, soothe the irritation created on the skin and matt the skin, are a good solution.

Moisturizing and oiling the skin

In the case of dry skin with a protective lipid layer, it is recommended to use moisturizing creams that bind water in deeper parts of the skin. If they do not bring the desired results and the skin is still dry, a cosmetic should be applied to the face, which will be responsible for both moisturizing and lubricating the epidermis. The use of such a preparation will enable skin regeneration as well as help to rebuild the natural lipid coat. However, the oiling creams should be used mainly in winter, during severe frosts.

Moisturizing the skin in winter

During the winter, the skin is particularly exposed to adverse weather conditions. This is because the face is – most often – the only part of the body that is not shielded from the adverse effects of wind and cold.

Therefore, it is recommended to apply a protective cream before going outdoors to help prevent the skin from drying out. However, it is also important to remember to apply it about 20 minutes before applying makeup, otherwise an unsightly, greasy filter may appear on your face to prevent it from looking flawless.

Skin on your face in the summer

In summer, the face skin is primarily exposed to the adverse effects of sunlight, which contributes to the formation of wrinkles. It is then worthwhile to equip oneself with moisturizing creams, which will be additionally enriched with UV filter. Facial masks, especially in the form of a cream and nourishing night cream-mask, can also be a great complement to such care.

Its formula is based on ingredients stimulating collagen synthesis – hyaluronic acid and bioactive tetrapeptide. It is these ingredients that make the face skin more hydrated and elastic, and wrinkles less visible.

Skin moisturization and wrinkles

Effective moisturizing of mature skin can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles that appear with age for several reasons. One of them is a deficiency of hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for the accumulation of water molecules in epidermal cells.

Although the body replenishes its deficiencies, it is coping with it worse and worse as the years go by. However, there is effective advice for this. If you have a problem with wrinkles, you should focus on moisturizing with hyaluronic acid, and more specifically on cosmetics that have this valuable element in their composition.

Moisturizing your face is therefore a very complex process. Depending on your skin type, age or current season, you should use cosmetics that will suit your current needs. However, we should remember that other parts of our body also deserve proper care. Moisturizing the skin of both hands and legs should not be treated marginally.