Physical activity and beauty are strongly linked. The skin benefits from sport. Hormonal changes, sweating, increased blood flow and regular muscle stimulation are very important. However, there is a risk of skin contamination during exercise. How then can you exercise to improve your skin’s appearance and not harm it?

The effect of sweat on the skin’s appearance

Sweat is one of the less comfortable results of physical activity. However, it also brings much good. It consists of 98% water and also contains urea and lactic acid. These substances are often used in cosmetics, as elements responsible for proper skin hydration. In addition, the body gets rid of toxins and harmful substances with sweat secretion. In this way you can get a clean and beautiful skin. Also partially free radicals are excreted, which accelerate the aging process, thus avoiding premature wrinkles.

After the training, of course, the whole body should be cleaned of sweat and impurities. If time allows you to take a shower, for example in a fitness club, it is worth using an energizing gel, which will add energy for the rest of the day. Its relaxing character will allow you to relax, and it will cleanse and moisturize your skin perfectly.

Improvement of circulation

Oxygenation is very important for both general health and skin. You can take care of this by regular training or even walking. Increased blood flow in the body causes the oxygen to reach all cells. This ensures that the pores do not clog up, which prevents the formation of blackheads and wrinkles. Moreover, the activity can have a beneficial effect not only on the skin, but also on hair. Better blood supply to the scalp prevents hair loss and improves its condition.

Physical activity and hormones and acne

Hormones have a significant impact on the health and condition of the skin. Stress, which has become a silent killer, contributes to the production of cortisol, the excess of which has adverse consequences for the skin. The stress hormone stimulates the sebaceous glands, thus increasing sebum production. This leads to unwanted skin shine and development of bacteria, blackheads, pimples or acne.

An active lifestyle is effective in relieving stressful tension. Thanks to this you can discharge all kinds of emotions and refresh your mind. During exercise, the level of cortisol equalizes. However, the growth hormone, influencing protein synthesis, rises.

This is beneficial for the muscles, which regularly stimulated give the skin proper elasticity. Additionally, the so-called happiness hormones, i.e. endorphins and serotonin, are secreted. Properly tuned hormonal management will ensure health and beauty of the skin.

Physical activity and cellulite

Nearly 90% of women struggle with skin deforming cellulite. This uneven distribution of fat tissue is closely related to hormonal management and overweight. There are usually 2 forms of cellulite, i.e. water and fat. Both types of orange peel and both causes of its formation can be stimulated and combated through physical activity. It stimulates circulation, which is very important in anti-cellulite therapy. Physical effort is also an additional energy expenditure, which burns the fat under the skin.

How to exercise to effectively get rid of cellulite? Then it is worth combining aerobic and strength training, engaging thighs and buttocks, which are most exposed to the presence of orange peel. Aerobics will constitute about 30 minutes of medium intensity exercise. It can be a walk, running, cycling or orbiting. Strength training will allow you to strengthen your muscles, so that the skin will become firm and elastic. In this respect, exercises with load, such as squats or off-cuts, will work well.

Facial care during training

All the benefits of physical activity for the skin can be quickly transformed into dermatitis and eczema. This can happen if the skin does not receive proper care, both before and after exercise. As a result, the substances it excrets will clog the pores, and if left over for a longer period of time they will promote the growth of bacteria.

Do not exercise with makeup, as the pores of the skin expand to remove sweat. When the face is covered with foundation, the pores become clogged, which causes blackheads to form. After the end of activity, however, secreted impurities are most effectively removed with a preparation containing salicylic acid. Then it is worth to apply a moisturizing cream, as the dilated pores will easily absorb any proactive substance and nourish the skin.

Taking care of physical activity can have a salutary effect on the human body. However, it is important to remember that it should be fun and practiced regularly. During the activity, the skin becomes contaminated and is exposed to contact with bacteria, so it should be taken care of in order to cleanse and nourish it.

In order to maximize the beneficial effects of physical activity on the skin, you should also take care of your diet. With additional effort, the body needs to provide more nutrients. Providing the diet with a large portion of vegetables and fruit and eliminating low-value products will allow you to see a healthy and young look of the skin much faster and clearer.